Working from my home studio in Vermont I focus on hand-blown production glassware, including decorative and functional forms that are inspired by traditional glassware combined with vibrant, bold colors to enliven living spaces, kitchens, and outdoor areas.

 Functional, decorative, home or garden, there is something for everyone. I pride myself on quality hand blown glass that brings smiles to faces.

Glass has fallen by the wayside for the everyday user. Being the best container for food or liquid, glass has proven itself for thousands of years. It is my goal to bring glass back into the lives of the normal every day person by providing functional, reasonably priced glass ware. Along with the best customer service I can provide to make your glass experience memorable. 

In addition to regular inventory items, I offer customized pieces using variations of size, color, and the option of etching personalized info (names, dates) into each piece for an additional fee. For more info, please contact me anytime.

Thank you for visiting Ferguson Glass Works LLC.